Summit FAQs

Q: What is the maximum dimension of the bot during the run? Is there any fixed limitation or can we extend the length to any extent as we wish?

Robot should fit into a cubical box of side 30 cm . No part/mechanism of/on the bot should exceed the given dimensions before the commencement of the event. However the dimensions can change during the course of the run.

Q: Is there any limit on the number of objects to be picked at one time?

No, there is no limit on the number of objects to be picked at a time. The bot can either store multiple number of object and carry it to the next floor or it can carry each object one by one.

Q: Can we use readymade gears? What are the dimension and shape of hooks attached to top of blocks?

Yes, you can use readymade gears. The hook will be a strip of metal going from one edge of the robot to the opposite edge.

Q: Can the bot climb down the Stairs if required?

Yes, in case if robot is carrying object one-by-one, it can climb up and down the stairs multiple times.

Q: Is it necessary to climb stairs to pick objects or grippers can be used?

Yes, it is necessary to climb up the stairs as you can pick up the object from that floor itself, that is, you cannot pick an object placed on second floor from the first floor or vice-versa.

Q: Is there any deduction in scores if once placed object is displaced afterwards?

No, there will be no deduction in scores in such cases.

Q: Can the objects be displaced from their original places before placing according to our convenience?

Yes, you can displace the objects according to your convenience, but the marks will be awarded  only if the object is placed in the respective zone.

Q: What will be that space between two walls at turns in the first round?

The cross-section area at the turns between the walls will be 40cm*40cm, which will be sufficient to allow the bot to take a 90 degree turn.

Q: Will points be deducted for falling off stairs?

Yes, there will be negative marking in case the robot falls off the staircase while climbing. 50 points will be deducted if the robot falls down. 

Q: Will the height of stairs vary?

The height of the stairs will be 8cm. It will remain constant. However, there might be an allowance of ± 1 cm.