Droid Blitz FAQs

Q: What are the dimensions of the robots?

The dimensions of the robot ( Land robot / Aqua robot / Amphibious robot) should not exceed 35 cm*35 cm*35 cm (l*b*h).

Q: What will be the depth of water?

The depth of water will be 40cm.

Q: What will be the dimension of the violet deposit zone in the first round?

The cross-section of the deposit zone will be 20 cm*20 cm (l*b) and it will be on water level.

Q: Is there any limit on the number of objects to be picked at one time?

No, there is no limit on the number of objects to be picked at a time. The robot can also store the objects.

Q: Is it necessary to place the blocks on the deposit zone marking the interface between land and water zones?

No, it is not necessary to place the blocks on that zone, the amphibious robot can directly carry the block to the final deposit zone on water. However, in case of multiple robots, since only one robot can move at a time, the Land robot will have to place the block at that zone, so that the Aqua robot can pick up the block from that zone.

Q: Is there any colour coding in second round of the event?

No, there is no colour coding in second round. All the blocks have to be placed in different zones in water.

Q: Is it mandatory for the robot to be wireless?

Yes, the robot’s locomotion and all other mechanisms should be controlled wirelessly.

Q: What will be the difference between the level of land and water?

There will be a gradual slope from land onto water.

Q: Will the blocks have an arch on the top so that they can be picked up by hooks?

Yes, there will be an arch from one edge of the block to its opposite edge such that the block can be easily picked using hook mechanism.

Q: Is it necessary to use a gripping or picking mechanism to transfer the block from initial position to the deposit zone?

No, the blocks can also be transferred by simple pushing/kicking mechanism.