Robotix Student Executives

RSEWith a view to increasing and enriching the interaction with the participants for our annual fest ROBOTIX, last year, we introduced the post of Robotix Student Executive (RSE) for students of other colleges, to represent Team Robotix among their fellow college-goers.

RSE’s are responsible for being our point of contact with the particular college, as well as for aiding our communication and interaction regarding the events, tutorials, workshops and other activities there. Those who were selected last year are all valid RSEs till Kshitij 2013. All RSEs receive a certificate from Team Robotix, as well as exclusive Robotix merchandise. During their tenure there is also regular communication with the team for ideas and opinions on how to move forward.

The RSEs of the last academic session played important roles in reaching out to colleges across the country, not just for promoting knowledge and awareness about the events of ROBOTIX 2012, but also for workshops, events, discussions and clarifications. Keeping their valuable contributions, we look forward to another set of Robotix Student Executives joining us on our endeavour to spread the culture of robotics in their own colleges and beyond.

APPLY FOR THE POST OF RSE: For this post, we need you to be nothing more than:

a. A college student

b. Enthusiastic about robotics

If you feel you fit the above, please send in your CV along with a soft copy of a passport size photograph to . Enter the subject as “Robotix Student Executive Application, [Name of college]”**