Robotix 2011 : Reload

The trademark of Technology Robotix Society has always been the promotion of robotics as a hobby, whilst also providing avenues for serious research in Automation, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence etc. Members of TRS work over the year to bring to you and other robotics enthusiasts all over India our annual fest ROBOTIX, that is at once the most competitive platforms of its kind and a vast learning ground for robotics aficionados in the country. This last year has seen amazing strides being taken in this respect.

With problem statements moving out of the traditional mould, tasks set to bots involved shooting down “criminals” [RoboCop] to saving people from floodwater [R.A.F.T.]. Climbing up inclines, fighting an opponent robot to win gold [Pirate Bay] and being an expert commando operating under cover [Ballista] - jaws dropped as skilled robots stood up to every challenge. Amazing marvels of metal and wood as they were, robots collaborated to hone down on ‘fugitives’ and save the day [Fugitives]. Every moment was a new spectacle to behold.

To all those who participated, kudos to you for the tireless dedication and awesome use of “Techie Funda”. We enjoyed every second of watching the machines rising up to ever extending challenges. We hope it gave you as much satisfaction and joy as it gave us. We hope to see you back again as we extend the legendary story of Robotix with yet another edition at ROBOTIX 2012.

Visit our Gallery to see the awesome moments at Robotix 2011 captured! You can also watch videos of these super cool machines on our Youtube Channel