Remote-Controlled Underwater Explorer

Ever wanted to play Jacques Cousteau and explore the briny depths? Well you may not have a full crew and a sweet ship like the Calypso, but now you can survey the seven seas (or the lake near your house), with the HydroView from Aquabotix. And not even get wet.

An easy-to-use underwater vehicle that you control with an iPad, smartphone or laptop, the HydroViewbeams live, high-def video or still pics back to you on the surface. You don’t need a captain’s license or any time behind the big wheel to steer the HydroView either. You control it by simply tilting and turning your iPad or smartphone. The underwater vehicle follows your movements.

Complete with on-board LED lights to provide added visibility in low-light conditions, the HydroView travels at up to five knots forward and one knot in reverse. All while shooting video or capturing still images, and simultaneously collecting data on water conditions up to 150 feet deep. And you can share all that watery info with friends on social media.

The HydroView is limited only by the length of cable that connects it to the topside box. (The box-wireless device controls the machine.) It comes with a standard 75 foot cable, but you can get custom cables up to 300 feet.

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