DIY : Build your own Abyss Bot

Problem Statement

Build a manually controlled robot which can descend down a rocky surface using ropes to save people (retrieve rings) and escort them to the safe zones(deposit poles). For more details on the event refer to our website.

Before we start, here are a few videos which will help you understand the event in a better way.

Required Material

Material Quantity
Wheels 2
Castor Wheels 1
10 rpm motor 2
60/100 rpm motor 2
10 rpm high torque motor 1
Cycle brakes 1
Hook 1
Three way switches 5

In this DIY we will learn how to traverse on a vertical rope and make a picking mechanism.

This discussion has been divided in 4 parts:

  • Locomotion
  • Locomotion on vertical rope
  • Collection and storing of rings
  • Control box


For the locomotion, different drives can be used but the most common drive mechanism is a Differential Drive. It is the basic design of two DC motors, wheels and castor wheel.

For detailed information on constructing a differential drive, you may check the video tutorial Differential Drive.

Locomotion on Vertical Rope (Down)

For locomotion on the vertical rope (downwards), we can have two wheels mounted on the top of the chassis with a small gap equivalent to thickness of rope between them. Either or both the wheel can be powered by high torque low rpm high motor.

You can also use such track belt for a better grip on the rope.

To stop at particular point while collecting rings a gripping mechanism can be used, a simple gripping mechanism can be made using cycle brakes.

Collection and Storing of Rings

We have used a small scale robotic arm with 2 degrees of freedom. For horizontal rotation of the arm we have attached one 10 rpm motor below the vertical arm.

For vertical rotation, another 10 rpm motor between 2 parts has been attached.

For collecting rings a hook has been attached at the end, shape of chosen hook is such, that it prevents the collected rings from falling.


Control Box

As we are using 5/6 motors we need 5/6 three way switches.

Completed robot

Refer to the video tutorial for more details.