BALLISTA: Blast into the Past

Ballista, an autonomous events of Robotix 2011 was a night event with a rotating light source. This event enjoyed its status as belonging to the action-adventure genre in terms of robots. The problem statement was derived from robot snipers on enemy territory . Robots were to detect walls and shoot at the light source from behind the walls. Lightly put, a James Bond interpretation of Wall-E. Trivia: Several rounds of prototyping were needed to develop the exact light source with a sliver of white light that would be intense enough for effective detection. _ The winning team had a perfect run on the arena, thus proving that if you are like a determined Ballista you’ll hit your targets spot on._ _ Detecting a light source, a wall and then caliberating the angle and force to shoot is not an easy task. But they did it! Robotix challenges you to the limit indeed._


The event had 2 rounds: Round 1: Detect a wall on a chartered path and shoot at the revolving light source. Round 2: Detect any 3 walls and shoot.

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