Autumn Workshops Conducted Across India

Continuing its tradition of spreading the culture of robotics throughout the country, Technology Robotix Society, in collaboration with Kshitij, IIT Kharagpur, conducted workshops in 6 cities, with the total attendance exceeding 2000 students. These workshops are part of our continuing effort to increase the knowledge of robotics throughout the country, and we were delighted to receive a warm response not just from the students, but also from the professors and robotics clubs present in these colleges.

Locations and dates of conducted workshops:

rsz_screenshot_36 25/09/2014- Bhubaneshwar - C.V. Raman College of Engineering. 27/09/2014- Ranchi - B.I.T. Mesra 28/09/2014- Lucknow - BBDNIT 29/09/2014- Ludhiana - Guru Nanak Dev College of Engineering 30/09/2014 - Jaipur - Arya College of Engineering and Information Technology 01/10/2014- Indore - IES/IPS Academy

Every workshop started with a brief introduction of Technology Robotix Society, our fest ROBOTIX and the work we do. After this, the students were taught extensively about Manual Robotics, Autonomous Robotics and Image Processing. We explained to them the necessary concepts and showed them the basic components required to make circuits for both manual and autonomous robotics. In image processing, the students were introduced to the basic concepts of image processing, details about the features of an image and different operations that can be performed on them. We had also introduced the events of our fest ROBOTIX 2015. We explained the basic approach to the problem statement, and explained the arenas and rounds of various events. The overall enthusiasm of the workshop participants to participate in these events was highly positive and encouraging.

Even though in several colleges the students did not have a first hand experience in making robots, the zeal and passion for these students to learn was enough in itself to keep us motivated to teach them. We look forward to these workshops every year so that students keep benefiting and one of our major goals is achieved- To spread the culture of robotics throughout the country